Saturday, October 23, 2010

Radcliffe Wrath

who were we
little children of lesser gods
to be cursed by Radcliffe Wrath
a masterstroke of deceit which left a million dead in a tsunami of blood bath
and sowed the seeds of hatred
between who were brothers once

who were we
gullible ignorant children of lesser logic
who did not understood the underpinnings of the GREAT GAME
and greed for global gold
black gold
yellow gold

who were we
arrogant and self centered demons of greater devil
who demanded to divided this land for HINDUS and MUSLIMS
He who dwelt in the land of Hind is a HINDU
and he who has a clear conscious is a MUSLIM
we all are HINDUS
we all are MUSLIMS
so why we still stand divided
INDIA is as much mine as it is yours
INDIA is PAKI STAN ( a pure land)
who was Radcliffe to tear our heart
we must ponder now
till how long will we suffer from Wrath

(Contribution - Mr Skand Nayal Khan)

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