Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pipe Pipers of Jihad…

In the apple orchard of
Pahalan, Pattan Kashmir
young and tender
Terrorist –Army
Sharik and Umer were Mujahidins
They established a Hide in the Barn
And Army
Ilakh,Abdu,Yakub and Salim
Were informed to
Spin a fool proof yarn
The hide was cordoned
Mujahidin opened fire
With planks of apple chest as mock guns
The army fired too
And Umer was judged shaeed
But Sharik escaped to
Continue his deed
Cheater said Sailm
We fired at you
We killed you Goon
You cannot escape alive
Said Sharik
a Cat has Nine lives…

Friend they were
Thick bum chums
They played,
They wandered around
They bunked the school
Till one day the headmaster
Caught them loafing around
He reprimanded them
He told them to
Come to school with parents

The friends were shocked
How to tell their parents
They were not attending school
What to do
How to get out of this impasse that ruled

Lets tell them the truth
Said Yakub
And plea for mercy this time
Sissy you Said Salim
We will not bend nor beg
Umer said there is no way
Lets tell our parents and see
Whatever will be will be
Whatever will be Abdu retorted
We will be beaten to pulp and blue
This is certainly not the thing
I will agree to do
What is the way out?
Said they together in doubt

There is one way Sharik said
Wit twinkle in his eyes
But you all are a bunch of softies
For you it holds no tie
I will at dawn tomorrow
Cross LoC at closest
and reach Pakistan
Will become a Mujahidin then
And return with Gun and fame
You kids will see
My Charisma and my name

Ha said Umer,
is it easy as you said
The snow on hills is Fresh and deep
Soon we will be dead

No, replied the Wise Sharik
Do you think I am naive?
We will cross Not from Gulmarg
But Tangdhar and get save
I overheard my uncle who
Works over ground
Lot of gaps in LoC fence
Are there to be found
But all this will cost some money
Said Yakub
We have nothing
… it is funny

Hold, said Sharik
Tuning his pockets out
Fished currency notes
Now is there any doubt
From where you got so much of money
Asked all his friends together
I help few Mujahidin
Sharik Replied
With beaming Proud In his eyes
When they were in rough weather
I guided them
From village to Jungles
Away from army camp
I even carried an AK
And held it close to my heart
They smiled at me
And hugged me close
And gave this to me
Did when we part

The boys watched him
With surprised gaze
Their eyes lit
With hopeful Rays
Sharik Asked
Who all are Men Enough?
To come with me
And who is a eunuch…
One by one
all agreed to go
early morning tomorrow they shall leave
it was decided so….

Journey from Pattan to Kupwara
Coasted fortune they had
They sat on the main market
Hungry heartbroken and sad

Now what shall be done?
was there any way
to cross the Samshabari
they asked Sharik in Dismay?
Sharik replied with conviction
We will go to the nearest Mosque
And when people come for namaz
Implore them
that we are holy warriors
And ask for Zakat

They walked to the Mosque
And found no one there
It was 9 30 in Moring
So no one offered prayer
Sharik in zest to prove him
Gave premature Azaan
And Maulvi Sadakat
Came rushing with chagrin and disdain
But when he saw these children
He was perplexed as can be
Who gave the Azan he inquired
Without asking me
The boys confused by now
Pushed Sharik ahead
And frightened, told the Maulvi
What he had sad
Amazed was the Maulvi
And told them to sit down
Walked out to arrange some food
With an anxious frown
After the children had eaten
He asked Sharik the reason
To lead this group of novices
For an act of treason
Treason! Shouted Sharik
You are a man of faith
How dare you dissuade holy warriors?
Who tread the path of Jihad

The maulvi smiled
He told Sharik to sit down
And ask the children
Why they had quit their homes
When he came to know
Their plight
He spoke to them
“You are running away from you primary duty
This is to obtain education
And grow up as responsible Humans
This is your Jihad
Islam stands for Brotherhood
Islam stands for belief
Islam teaches Compassion
Islam teaches Peace
What brings you here is not pious
Go back to your homes
You children
And spread smiles
Spread hope
Be Allah the Merciful be with you
The children were sent back home
Their parents were amazed
A thousand Questions in their conscious
Were raised

This is a true incident. These children ran away from their home to escape from punishment at the school. What is unusual here is these children wanted to go to POK (Azad Kashmir, Whatever you want to call it), and get enrolled as Mujahidin. This is a sad situation, wherein the children who should be groomed as future of Kashmir are made to think such things.
The Kashmir movement now is fully controlled by Pakistan. Mostly Pakistani terrorists operate within the valley with impunity. Most of these are criminals, who have been given an option to choose between Gallows or Kashmir. They come here, stay for two to three years, enjoy what all can be pleasured. Some are killed and some go back. What is left behind is for Kashmir to suffer.

(Contribution - Mr Skand Nayal Khan)

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