Saturday, July 24, 2010


To begin with, this idea is Utopian. Impossible, many will conclude. Some will rubbish it. Only a few dreamers will acknowledge its merit.

The recipe for partition of India was perfect. The nation, divided by religion detonated into a violent paroxysm. The effect was so profound that the cause was forgotten. Soon, the invasion of Kashmir orchestrated by the British overlords sealed the fates of the new born nations with distrust and hatred. It was done to ensure the presence of Anglo –American alliance in South East Asia.

The hatred for each other propelled them on a trajectory of immolation. The divided nations fought four wars impeding own progress.

Today, Pakistan stands on a tower of Babble and India struggles towards self-esteem. The fingers are pointed at each other in a blindfolded game of ping pong.
What has been achieved by the 63 years of acrimony?
Has Pakistan achieved what it was created for?
Is India anywhere close to Gandhian vision of Swaraj?
The Answer is NO.
If a policy has failed to produce results for 63 years it certainly needs a re look.

A De Novo Look

Let us first acknowledge that the Partition of India was a British Design. The so called “Two Nation Theory,” was a proxy to spark animosity between the Hindus and Muslims. The Partition of India and Pakistan was a Historical Blunder and needs revision. This is the first and foremost step.

Once this is accepted by both nations the Kashmir issue becomes redundant.

Then we must rework towards restorations of relations as on 1st of January 1947. The Canal network, the Rail and road networks should be reopened. Travel and trade restrictions should be removed. The Punjabi & Sindhi Cultures will be the catalyst in this progress.

Then reintegration of the Armies should be worked upon. Firstly all operational units should return to peace location. Then a joint command should be established for international commitments. A unified Naval Command should be established for protection of SLOCS in Arabian Sea. A joint Air Logistics Command to be established for support of sea and ground forces. This should be followed by military exchange programs and joint maneuvers.

The Nations should withdraw from commonwealth till the Crown does not submit an apology for Partition and blood bath thereafter.

On sports front a joint team should be fielded for Olympics & Asian Games.

Once this has been achieved the issue of Kashmir should be worked out. Joint Investment should be made in development of Kashmir and Northern Areas by tapping Hydro Electric Potential. Needless to say tourism will boom.


After achieving the desire degree of maturity the process of fadrelisation should began. This should began with restructuring of Indian Union by giving further autonomy to its constituent states including Kashmir and Pakistan extending similar autonomy to its constituents. Once this has been accomplished, the Indian state of Kashmir and Pakistan state of Kashmir, and northern areas should be merged into single state. Punjab provinces of both nations should be open to same if the people desire so.
Once this is achieved, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives should be invited to be a part of the federation.

Federal Authority. This should be followed by establishment of Federal Authority. This will constitute representatives of Government of the constituent state. The Joint Headquarters of Defence Forces, Office of foreign Affairs & Economic Commission will work under federal authority.

Peoples Parliament .The federal authority will oversee the election of the people’s parliament as per the method in vogue in the state. The people’s parliament will be the apex body which will work out a constitution and approve recommendations of federal authority.

The present system of Central and State Assembly of constituent nations will continue. The Federal authority will allocate annual budget to the constituent nations after catering for the federal list issues. The Budget will be approved by people’s parliament. When the countries deem fit the central
government of the constituent states can be dissolved. This will bring the Stated directly under People’s Parliament.

Common Market and Currency. The integrated market will be protected by cultural and traditional property rights. A common currency will facilitate free trade.

Geo- Strategic- Economic Challenges.

The Fedralisation of South Asia will dissolve the sphere of Influence of Hegemonic West. With integrate Defence Forces this will become the third largest power block, second largest economy, largest human resource, and largest intrinsic market in the world. The Oil Rich Gulf region and resource rich CAR will be under direct influence of this federation. 90% of SLOC of world oil trade will cross its EEZ.

Needless to say Five Armored Divisions, Twenty Corps,7000 tanks,1500 combat air crafts,50 Submarines of different kind, three carrier battle groups, 2 million strong professional experienced army will give sleepless nights to many nations. The odd 200 nuclear detonation devices and the delivery quadrate (Land, Air, Sea and Space) will cater for Maximum Credible Deterrence.

Religious Issues. This secular Federation with the largest, Hindu, Muslim population of the world will alter all religious dynamics. The Global Islamic Jihad will take browbeating .Saudi Arabia will be forced to hand over its Khalifat of Islamic nations to this Federation.

People Republic of China. People Republic of China will be directly affected. The Federation should address the concerns of PRC by concluding a treaty of Cooperation Friendship and Asian Brotherhood. This treaty will provide PRC access to Indian Ocean by means of Brahmaputra, Sutlej and Indus Corridors of High Speed Railway, Superhighway and Oil Pipeline. This treaty will also include defence cooperation in Naval, Missile Defence and Space. China and Indostan have been ancient partners in development of Asia. It was due to this wisdom that the civilizations never collided. The time has come to revoke the ancient ties.


The federation will ensure overall economic development of South Asia. It will create a power block which will ensure stability in Middle East and CAR region. Its cooperation with China will ensure the Golden Age of Asia once again. However this will come at a cost; end to Global dominance of Anglo American. They will make all efforts to never let this happen. The onus lies on us to beat them at their own game.

Dream on……….

Contribution - Mr Skand Nayal Khan (Chief Research Wing- NCCT)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Whose Kashmir is it Anyway . (Contours of Present Conflict)

The violence in Kashmir is a result of a dubious design. APHC stands at the apex of this paroxysmal display of lawlessness. And all political parties equally contribute to the chaos.

The unprecedented public support to Amarnath land row agitation initially gave APHC the glory it always dreamt off. Later as the public suffered the sheen started to wean away. The refusal of Pakistan to accept the horticultural produce of Kashmir, and simultaneous land blockade gave a strong dose of realities to the separatists. By the end of August 2008 the historic movement faded into oblivion. The lessons from this moment were simple and straight. The movement was successful in coercing all centers of power of Indian Union. The unsung hero of Gurkha Rifles who opened fire at the protesters who were trying to enter the Paribal complex of Rashtriya Rifles did send a message across Dont mess with the army.

The lessons were used to effect in 2009 where in the Sophiyan incident was exploited to set the furor. As the movement began to die the separatist were on lookout of new issues. One such attempt was made at Trehgam on 8 July 10, 2009 when the accidental death of Amina Massodi was exploited as a case or Rape and Murder by Armed forces.

The second incident happened at Baramulla. A woman whose brother had eloped with a neighbor was called at police station. The SO an old God fearing man spoke to her in a rash tone to produce the couple. She went out weeping. Within an hour the protestors took to street accusing that she was molested. The resulting perpetrated over the next few days resulted in death of four youths.

The stone pelting duels are intriguing to watch. Children of 8 to 15 years are paid upto 500 rupees a day for stone pelting. The younger the child the better it is. The police (Jammu and Kashmir Police) columns retreat. The stone palters move ahead. The police moves back further. Then, the police charges ahead, firing tear gas shells at the protestors. This goes on till it gets dark.
If the movement does not die its own death in few days, CRPF is inducted with a mandate to end the protest. These troops do not retreat. They stand their ground. If need be they fire rubber bullets and tear gas shells. The crowed buoyed by their victory pick up the fired tear gas shells and throw them back at CRPF. Then the shells are fired straight in a flat trajectory. The impact sometime proves to be fatal.

Then the fresh deaths propel the movement.

After Friday prayers, Down Town, Mausumia Srinagar, Hathikhan Mohalla, Chinkipora Sopore & Old Town Baramulla are rocked by violent protests. Rest of the valley remains entirely peaceful. If any death occurs the protests are prolonged.

Now we shall understand the timing and the design. The preparation for apple crops is completed by last week of May every year. The crop is watered, tendered and sale dead are completed by this time. The interim period upto August end the trades are free with an assured income. This period coincides with the Amarnath Yatra. The protest rock let me be specific Part of Srinagar, Sopore, Baramulla, where the writ of Jamat and APHC prevails. Remainder of the valley sulks by the suffering this will bring. The moment the apple crop is ready for dispatch, the protests come to an end.
The reality is, Militancy in Kashmir is dead. Local terrorists are not seen not heard .The infiltrated foreign terrorists are in hibernation to complete their two year tenure in valley. There are no Terrorists in sight to be killed. There is no actual violence. People have lost interest in this endless quagmire. They want betterment and peace. This threatens all those who yield power in the valley.
This year witnessed a new trend. The justification of their existence by the players of this game. It started with Chinkipora, Sopore. After the security forces (SF) operation was over, Gilani visited and distributed Rs 5 lakh to the effected family. Next day Yasin Malik visited and distributed Rs 9 lakh. The place was visited in quick succession by Mehbooba Mufti and other booty hunters. Similar trend was visible after incidents in Magum, Rafiabad. It is clearly written on the wall the whole issue is political. Gen Singh is of the same opinion.

Two incidents which has shaped the contours of the valley today are firstly are the response to Sophiyan incident by Omar Abdulla and apprehension and trial of BSF Commandant Randhir Kumar Virdi. They have sent a message across that the state is open to political coercion.

This series of protest will fizzle out by first week of September. This year infiltration has been at ebb. The resident terrorists are on back foot. The public is antagonized by the series of bandhs. The time is ripe for some strong political maneuver to bring this suffering to a logical conclusion.

Contribution - Mr Skand Nayal Khan (chief - Research Wing)